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April 2018

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Day 39

Dear Friends,

Behind by just 1 day? This is the most I have written all year so far! Ha!

I got like 10hrs of sleep maybe more. I am so happy when I sleep. And so sad when I do not.

My poor dogs allergies are in full swing. Plus her hair is matted but i know its more than that. They usually start between Feb and March. And go pretty much all year going away between Sept and Oct. But with all the other issues she has its really killing me seeing her suffer. I cant do much really. Just treat the worst spots with meds I have on hand. Cut her hair and baths every week if possible. Just wish there was some other way to help her

Did the GYM today for the first time in a month plus. Due to being sick and being busy been impossible to do so. I did it before work. Which was odd but hey why not

Worked a long near 4.5hr shift closing. At least we left 20min after closing making up for losing 20min I should have had on Monday. Just saying

Off for the next 2 days. My only complaint is NOT getting employee of the month. How they do it now. It used to be if the MGR liked you. They handle me they dont like me. Not enough for that. Now with the way they do it even with 6 entrys my name wasnt drawn. I lost to a guy who has been there for 6 months and honestly feel its beyond unfair. I dont even care for the gift card. I just want to be able to put on future job apps I got employee of the month ITS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN AT THIS JOB!

good night I am beat