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Feb. 14th, 2017

Day 45

Dear Friends,

Behind by 4 days. I blame my hand for sure it was tough coming online at all even yesterday for real no fun

Today my mom turned 68. Its hard to believe my parents are so close to 70. Its scary. I know no one lives forever. And I know I have my issues with them in general how they raised us and ruined us forever. But I still love my parents and dont want them to die. I'm not that horrible a person I swear

Well it is valentines day. And I am still single. I didnt really spend it like I do some years when I have nothing else going on. I cried a little at some point for sure. Otherwise I dealt best I could. And just did what I could with my mom and such. My cousin is an odd one. Married 1 year 2 months. Was single forever like me (married when she was 39). Still resents this holiday for all the years she was single during it. HAHAHAHA. She is funny. IF I ever find someone I would never do that. For real!

Mom had a nice birthday. I splurged this year on her. Got her lots of gifts. She loved them all. That was awesome. Had a nice lunch at Olive Garden. Cost a lot they paid. They not cheap. But the food lovely. We havent been back here in like 4 years after our last time here and horrible service issues we swore them off. But nice to be back. Bread sticks could use some love. Hey OG talk to O's Kitchen they got AMAZING breadsticks!

I literally came home and did nothing all night. My hand pain from sleeping wrong on my wrist left me in a band all day hoping it would be gone by tomorrow it wont be. I iced it 3x. I can only do so much. I sat around watching movies tv and chilling. I tried to sleep didnt really. Bed soon yeah

good night

Feb. 13th, 2017

Day 44

Dear Friends,

SO I am learning more from my book. And go me I finished chapter 1 in pieces! I decided if I am gonna finish this book I will read what I can. IF I cant do more than a few pages not a chapter then so be it. Forcing myself to read a serious book is one of my downfalls when trying to learn how to change or be better or whatever. So as kids me and my sister half the time got punished and forgot why we getting punished. As a teen I had fights with my parents mainly my mom. We would scream at each other. I believe with my issue with ADD normally I should have learned to not do this and I never did. I should have as a kid known why we in trouble but I had no idea. Things like this would have been so helpful. And everyone who thinks ADD/ADHD is only about being distracted are just SO annoying! Its EVERYTHING. It is me. It is who I am. Learning little things doesnt mean I will be okay with them but it is nice to know that they are a reason to something else. Not just something annoying I have wrong with me. Wrapping it all up with ADD instead of other things is nice. It truly is. You have NO idea if you dont got it what I mean.

Got about 9hrs of sleep. I wanted 10. I could have gotten 11 or 12. But woke up an hour before and that was that. I gave up.

Sadly my dog still doesnt got a bath yet. I cant do it on Friday. I was going to do it today but dad was home so there was no point in trying. I did clean her ears and cut her hair. So that was good. But no walk. Might try tomorrow in the morning before we go. Shall see

Dyed my hair today not Friday. Much better then doing it before work. Save myself sanity and sleep Friday. Good choice I think so! I even cut off an inch or two made it a bit shorter to manage better

Other then all that didnt do much. I washed my sheets which wasnt in the plans but wanted to do it this week glad that is done just gotta put back on my bed. I need to help bake moms cake. I emailed my teacher about tomorrow. And now I am going to watch tv maybe.

till tomorrow have a good one. I wont like tomorrow but for mom I will try to be happy. good night all

Feb. 12th, 2017

Day 43

Dear Friends,

Guess what?? I couldnt sleep well AGAIN. This time I was so achy for some reason last night I could not go to sleep. I was fully exhausted and could not sleep. I lost from 1 to 2 hours. I might have gotten 8hrs.

So today was not fun. I managed to come online to pay our storage unit. And update my weekend 5 on blogger. That was it. I had little time

Probably doing something for valentines day when I should be in school is weird. I hope my teacher understands. I explained it best I could. No other way to explain it. But gave less details then I wanted to but hey

Walmart had some more Happy Place shopkins dolls. New 3! Yes cost me $15 plus tax each. Yes I have no place for the stuff they came with. But I love these dolls. I want them all. I will probably never get them all. I took it out of my savings but will repay with tax return once it comes I HOPE THIS WEEK! It could come as early as the 15th. It should be here by the 14th which is the standard 21 days. Sigh

Work was annoying. I mean it was so busy then so slow. But thankfully we got off at 8 and I lost nothing and added 30min to my next check which will be more crappy then the one coming on Friday. I will know more in 2 days what that will be.

Well I chilled watched a movie did laundry. And bed late good night

Feb. 11th, 2017

Day 42

Dear Friends,

Behind by 3 days could not be helped!

Got crap sleep last night. I kept waking up and thinking it time to be up. One of those nights where I just wanted it to be time to get up. Spending all night waking up thinking it is was not cool. That is not sound sleep that is light sleep and it drives me crazy. Left me looking nuts at work

Work was okay but slow. Sadly I got sent home NO JOKE 45 minutes early! Between this and Monday I lost over 1 hour of COUNTING hours at work. I dont count the half hour we get to clean after we close. I count up till we close. And now I am out that for my check this coming week. Which is gonna suck

Been reading more from my book Smart but Stuck. It amazes me not only how many areas of my life are affected from ADD but how much I did not know about. Wow. I will do my best to finish my book

With no tax money till at least next week trying to not look at things I am trying to buy. I saw for $250 camera used on ebay that was almost new with extras I could only dream of. Then I found my fitbit watch was $130 not $150. Amazon fire if I getting it is $39 not $49. And my ipod is now $240 not $309. Knowing I am losing out of great deals on these is not a good thing at all VERY UNFAIR what they are doing

Gonna chill. I work later tomorrow so I can hopefully catch up on lost sleep tonight.

Feb. 10th, 2017

Day 41

Dear Friends,

There are some great moon things happening. And we cant see them STUPID cloudy weather. Hope someone is seeing the great things tonight!!

I got like 10hrs of sleep. Which was nice. I wanted a bit more. It just did not happen. So I am still just so tired

Had a good cry today. I have no idea why I said GOOD. I always cry. I am emotional. Depressed. It is how I am. Just saying

Went on a walk today to Starbucks. Had a nice coffee tried the new one for Valentines Day. Worked on my homework. And froze so badly. Sister came got me. Had a sandwich now I am back home.

Not much today. No GYM. Nothing done with my dog. In fact I did little today. And now back to work for the next 2 days. Fun. Not really. My schedule a mess and very little hours. Need a new job asap for real!

good night all

Feb. 9th, 2017

Day 40

Dear Friends,

I am caught up. I had no plans to come on here. But here I am

School was not bad. I might skip on Tuesday. It is moms birthday and if we doing something I will skip. I will tell my classmates and teacher. Just unsure what I am telling them to be honest here.

I am worried about watching SPN tonight with the thing that happened last week with my dad. He isnt actually in a great mood. And gets results from his stomach test tomorrow. FUN times.

Running on about 2 or 3hrs sleep. Unsure how much I slept. I am unsure if I slept at all. Did I? I slept bad whatever i slept

Bought 7 songs on itunes. Love it. Why wait for songs i really want to have forever with me. I keep waiting. No other way to listen to them all I want

Got to school early today. It was warm out. I bought myself an ice coffee never done that before. It not bad! Drank that while reading my chapters for class today. Later on way home tonight I got burger king. Yummy chicken fries never go away please

that is all for now. Still no tax money :( Tech with weekends included I should have my $$ by Valentines Day which is 21 days since I put it out there. Trying to be hopeful but doubt it will happen. UNFAIR truly.

good night all

Feb. 8th, 2017

Day 39

Dear Friends,

Behind by just 1 day? This is the most I have written all year so far! Ha!

I got like 10hrs of sleep maybe more. I am so happy when I sleep. And so sad when I do not.

My poor dogs allergies are in full swing. Plus her hair is matted but i know its more than that. They usually start between Feb and March. And go pretty much all year going away between Sept and Oct. But with all the other issues she has its really killing me seeing her suffer. I cant do much really. Just treat the worst spots with meds I have on hand. Cut her hair and baths every week if possible. Just wish there was some other way to help her

Did the GYM today for the first time in a month plus. Due to being sick and being busy been impossible to do so. I did it before work. Which was odd but hey why not

Worked a long near 4.5hr shift closing. At least we left 20min after closing making up for losing 20min I should have had on Monday. Just saying

Off for the next 2 days. My only complaint is NOT getting employee of the month. How they do it now. It used to be if the MGR liked you. They handle me they dont like me. Not enough for that. Now with the way they do it even with 6 entrys my name wasnt drawn. I lost to a guy who has been there for 6 months and honestly feel its beyond unfair. I dont even care for the gift card. I just want to be able to put on future job apps I got employee of the month ITS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN AT THIS JOB!

good night I am beat

Feb. 7th, 2017

Day 38

Dear Friends,

I am caught up again. Let us not continue this next week yes please!

I got like 3hrs of sleep last night. I forgot to say yesterday that I dreamt I pregnant on Sunday night. A one night stand with a guy I love. Wow. I was trying to figure out how to tell him. I was still at my job so I guess this house too. And happy as crap. Go figure.

So school was exhausting. Just glad to be done. It rained like before and all night before I went prepared for that and then guess what no rain. No point. I dressed warm lots of extras no reason.

I missed the Sprinter today SUCKED big time! Somehow i Got my school books on my lunch break. I am keeping my photography class and getting a camera with my tax return soon as it comes in a few weeks. Sooner the better please. Class was fun. Shows begin on Tuesday

I need more sleep tonight. I have been online for hours. Time for a break. See you all on Thursday at the latest. Friday at the worst! Thank ya and good night

Feb. 6th, 2017

Day 37

Dear Friends,

Last of my 4 days in a row. Last of my closings 4 in a row. I am so glad for break tomorrow even if its just for school

Work was so dead. I was supposed to work at least 6hrs after my lunch if we left at 9:30. Then me and my co worker asked to go at 9:10. SO I lost 20min of planned time. How it goes. I tired that was odd but okay

Rained today pretty much all of it. Explained our slowness I guess you could say. Hey what not. Just glad rain behaved till I safely at Walmart before coming back. More tomorrow!?

Came home to chill before bed. Might get to bed late.

Looking good to be single on Valentines Day this year. Another disappointment. Sigh

good night all

Feb. 5th, 2017

Day 36

Dear Friends,

Ironic is getting up early to get ready in bathroom so mom can use it for sister before church and they DONT go. That is ironic!

I had to do some homework before we left so said thing above okay. It due by 9pm tonight and I knew I was not gonna get home by then to do it so there is what I did

School is thus Just kidding. Its okay so far! I swear I love it. I love going in person just online is no fun not kidding

Work was pretty dead. Mainly the icky weather and Super Bowl. I managed to see nothing of it not even the commericals. Are they online? I am in a no care mood so I wont probably ever look into it this time hahahaha. Left work early like at 7:30 literally we closed and we gone before the time I last to leave. Not on purpose but we somehow just all left it slow and we just gone

I shopped went over board. Had fun. I love having money. But yeah gotta be careful next check wont be as big!

good night all. Movie and bed yes

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