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February 2017

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Day 44

Dear Friends,

SO I am learning more from my book. And go me I finished chapter 1 in pieces! I decided if I am gonna finish this book I will read what I can. IF I cant do more than a few pages not a chapter then so be it. Forcing myself to read a serious book is one of my downfalls when trying to learn how to change or be better or whatever. So as kids me and my sister half the time got punished and forgot why we getting punished. As a teen I had fights with my parents mainly my mom. We would scream at each other. I believe with my issue with ADD normally I should have learned to not do this and I never did. I should have as a kid known why we in trouble but I had no idea. Things like this would have been so helpful. And everyone who thinks ADD/ADHD is only about being distracted are just SO annoying! Its EVERYTHING. It is me. It is who I am. Learning little things doesnt mean I will be okay with them but it is nice to know that they are a reason to something else. Not just something annoying I have wrong with me. Wrapping it all up with ADD instead of other things is nice. It truly is. You have NO idea if you dont got it what I mean.

Got about 9hrs of sleep. I wanted 10. I could have gotten 11 or 12. But woke up an hour before and that was that. I gave up.

Sadly my dog still doesnt got a bath yet. I cant do it on Friday. I was going to do it today but dad was home so there was no point in trying. I did clean her ears and cut her hair. So that was good. But no walk. Might try tomorrow in the morning before we go. Shall see

Dyed my hair today not Friday. Much better then doing it before work. Save myself sanity and sleep Friday. Good choice I think so! I even cut off an inch or two made it a bit shorter to manage better

Other then all that didnt do much. I washed my sheets which wasnt in the plans but wanted to do it this week glad that is done just gotta put back on my bed. I need to help bake moms cake. I emailed my teacher about tomorrow. And now I am going to watch tv maybe.

till tomorrow have a good one. I wont like tomorrow but for mom I will try to be happy. good night all