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February 2017

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Day 40

Dear Friends,

I am caught up. I had no plans to come on here. But here I am

School was not bad. I might skip on Tuesday. It is moms birthday and if we doing something I will skip. I will tell my classmates and teacher. Just unsure what I am telling them to be honest here.

I am worried about watching SPN tonight with the thing that happened last week with my dad. He isnt actually in a great mood. And gets results from his stomach test tomorrow. FUN times.

Running on about 2 or 3hrs sleep. Unsure how much I slept. I am unsure if I slept at all. Did I? I slept bad whatever i slept

Bought 7 songs on itunes. Love it. Why wait for songs i really want to have forever with me. I keep waiting. No other way to listen to them all I want

Got to school early today. It was warm out. I bought myself an ice coffee never done that before. It not bad! Drank that while reading my chapters for class today. Later on way home tonight I got burger king. Yummy chicken fries never go away please

that is all for now. Still no tax money :( Tech with weekends included I should have my $$ by Valentines Day which is 21 days since I put it out there. Trying to be hopeful but doubt it will happen. UNFAIR truly.

good night all