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Day 38

Dear Friends,

I am caught up again. Let us not continue this next week yes please!

I got like 3hrs of sleep last night. I forgot to say yesterday that I dreamt I pregnant on Sunday night. A one night stand with a guy I love. Wow. I was trying to figure out how to tell him. I was still at my job so I guess this house too. And happy as crap. Go figure.

So school was exhausting. Just glad to be done. It rained like before and all night before I went prepared for that and then guess what no rain. No point. I dressed warm lots of extras no reason.

I missed the Sprinter today SUCKED big time! Somehow i Got my school books on my lunch break. I am keeping my photography class and getting a camera with my tax return soon as it comes in a few weeks. Sooner the better please. Class was fun. Shows begin on Tuesday

I need more sleep tonight. I have been online for hours. Time for a break. See you all on Thursday at the latest. Friday at the worst! Thank ya and good night