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Day 36

Dear Friends,

Ironic is getting up early to get ready in bathroom so mom can use it for sister before church and they DONT go. That is ironic!

I had to do some homework before we left so said thing above okay. It due by 9pm tonight and I knew I was not gonna get home by then to do it so there is what I did

School is thus Just kidding. Its okay so far! I swear I love it. I love going in person just online is no fun not kidding

Work was pretty dead. Mainly the icky weather and Super Bowl. I managed to see nothing of it not even the commericals. Are they online? I am in a no care mood so I wont probably ever look into it this time hahahaha. Left work early like at 7:30 literally we closed and we gone before the time I last to leave. Not on purpose but we somehow just all left it slow and we just gone

I shopped went over board. Had fun. I love having money. But yeah gotta be careful next check wont be as big!

good night all. Movie and bed yes